who is owned and operated by John Born.

John is a full-time entertainer who has travelled the world as a performer, lecturer, writer, and innovator in the magical arts.

John has been performing for over twenty years. He was initially apprenticed under his grandfather, then continued his education while working as the master resident magician for five years at two world-renown magic stores. Years later, he has earned many prestigious achievements, including multiple national champtionships amongst magicians, several international performance tours, and four best selling instructional books on magic.

John has been hired to perform all over the world, including cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Dublin, Madrid, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando, Kansas City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, and many many more!

Because performing magic for kids is a blast! Do yourself a favor and avoid the cheesy kids performers. Hire a real magician that everyone will love!

“It was great and we were very pleased! Everyone raved about the show. Both the children and adults were entertained and captivated. You are a master at your craft!”
-Sandra Gagliano, Birthday Mom